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It is necessary to be very strict on the supply ;  never to give him to eat except meals, never delicacies (biscuits for dogs, bone to be chewed...), the mess tin must be given to regular hours.  It is important that it feeds correctly, , because a Shar-pei not eating enough will lose a lot of its "beauty" (its folds, its large muzzle) and will not develop to the maximum of its potential.  During its growth, it is preferable that it is a little plump rather than thin.  It is useful to add at the time of the growth a raw yolk of egg (dogs do not digest the white of egg) once per week.


1) EYES : 
Daily pass around the eye a cotton soaked with tepid water.

Brushing is it essential? Yes, a peeling not maintained develops infections.  For Shar-pei, a traditional brush being of no utility, use a rubber glove for the " horse coat " and a

Do we have to wash our dog ?
Yes, contrary to the generally ideas, the use of shampoo is beneficial.

Can we make disappear " the odor from the dog " ?

A little strong smell, after the rain for example, is normal. Those which are less reveal auricular (
otitises) or dermatological (cutaneous infections, seborrhoea) problems.

3) EARS :

The falling ears require more care than the others.  If the conduit is dirty, inject a product which dissolves the secretions, wait until the dog shakes several times the head, then wipe using a gauze.

For the health and the wellbeing of your dog (as for yours), think of treating your dog against ticks and fleas throughout the year (for fleas all the year and for ticks from the beginning of spring to the end of the autumn).


Every month up to 6 months, every 2 months up to 1 year, then 2 times a year in spring and the autumn.


When we give dry dogfood to our dog, it is useless to add vitamins.  GIVE TOO MUCH  VITAMINS TO A DOG CAN BE DANGEROUS FOR ITS HEALTH.


It is necessary as of the first days to inculcate the concepts of good manners in your puppy.

- It will have to eat after its Masters (it is essential because it mustn't be placed at the top of the family hierarchy).

- If it nibble at you or at another thing which its toys, don't let it make and impose to him one “NOT” while shaking it by the skin of the neck in order to it understands that it is prohibited.

- Learn to him to stay alone a few hours. It will be so necessary to accustom it gradually and to deceive its solitude, leave him television or radio.

Don't forget to cherish it as of your return.

- Accustom your puppy to being cherished and being handled (to open the mouth) by foreign people.  Often leave and make meet other dogs to him. 


It shouldn't be forgotten that in spite of its calms and kindness,

Shar-pei is an excellent guard dog

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